Our Mission

With over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market we are driven to empower the future generation of investors and traders. We’re passionate about teaching the trading game, taking advantage of great trade setups, and saving you the time and money we all value. Our mission is to bring a new found feeling of freedom, independence and flexibility to our club members through giving you the knowledge and tools to be successful traders and investors. 

Why astrocryptoclub?

  • Transparency – Whether we’re giving market updates, or providing insight on trade setups, we’ll always stay transparent.
  • Achieve your goals faster – Whether it’s long term or short term investing we’ll help you understand the cryptocurrency market and trading lifestyle on a deeper level so that you can save your time and money for real investment opportunities to make with more confidence and insight.
  • Membership Experience – We’ll stop at nothing to provide the best experience in the game for our members so that they feel confident in pursuing their goals.
  • The Crypto Blueprint – Our all in one cryptocurrency course teaches you everything you need to know about the crypto market and trading.
  • Stay in the loop – Our Telegram group will provide the latest updates of what’s going on the market alongside potential trade setups which will sharpen our members eye for opportunity and develop their trading edge over time.