Most frequent questions and answers

Due to the fact that our course is a digital product we do not offer refunds for our course. Please take your time to decide if you’re ready to invest in yourself before purchasing our program. We believe the value we provide will exceed your expectations and are confident you will find our program useful in your crypto trading journey.

AstroCryptoClub’s Crypto Blueprint is a one time payment. Once you purchase it you will always have access to it and may revisit any section at any time necessary!

Our team isn’t promising ANY guarantee’s from our services. If you’re under the mindset that you’re going to become an instant millionaire after joining our program, we’d suggest looking elsewhere. Of course trading in the financial markets has the potential to become a millionaire there’s a lot more to it. Success is a 2 way street. You can have all the tools, resources and knowledge but your commitment and engagement and time will be required as well as other factors. So we won’t be guaranteeing any profits or other changes. But we do believe the value that we provide is next to none in the industry. We cover what knowledge, tools and resources you will need to be a successful crypto trader at any level. We’re completely transparent with this topic, we’re not going to be making guarantee’s like all the other services out there not holding true to their promises. However through our materials and resources we believe you may improve as a trader and find success if you have the willingness to learn, put in the work and practice and continually work towards improving your skills and abilities.

Absolutely not! We’ve structured our course from A-Z with the content lay out made perfectly for a seamless learning experience. We start with the basics and and foundation of understanding and knowledge and dive into deeper concepts and tools/methods to comprehend through the later chapters so that learning is enjoyable and engaging instead of a chore. Anyone from any background level can join. We’re not saying that just anybody will find success however. We’re saying that you will find the material covered to be valuable and will hopefully take you much further in your trading journey opposed to learning everything on your own.

If you’re having financial issues we highly recommend looking for a means to produce income in a stable fashion such as a 9-5 or career. Trading crypto isn’t necessarily going to fix your short term financial position 100%. Like we’ve mentioned we’re not a get rich quick program. We provide resourceful educational information and tools to improve your knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry and trading. With this newfound knowledge it is certainly possible to become a better trader and put yourself in a position to support yourself by becoming a fully dedicated trader. But that doesn’t come easy, or fast. This process will take a lot of time and practice and experience. So to summarize we don’t recommend you purchase our program if you’re struggling financially. We understand it’s a stressful experience to be in and that’s why we highly recommend finding a stable dependable means of income coming in before considering purchasing our program. 

Ah, the age old question for everyone aspiring to become a trader. And there is no real 100% true correct answer to this. However, our stance is that you shouldn’t let go of a stable income stream until you feel that your profit generating skills have significantly improved and you have a greater understanding for the cryptocurrency market. If you’re optimistic you may feel this way rather quickly but something like this we can’t provide a correct answer for. This all lies within yourself and your capabilities, skills and abilities. Some people are able to quit their 9-5 and transition into trading full time. Other’s hold onto their career and swing trade as an additional stream of income. There’s multiple different variations to this and honestly every option is on the table for you to make a decision about. There’s nothing wrong with holding onto a career and trading and making additional income and there’s nothing wrong with risking it all and diving right into the real world on your own 2 feet. One option is clearly a lot more stable and the other option has greater potential paired with the same potential for loss. It’s up to the way you want to move forward with your life.

We’ve made it clear that there are no guarantees that we’ll be offering, and that it’s a 2 way street to success, but what should you expect with us? Our goal is to provide all our members with the necessary knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry, and the tools and resources you may utilize to put your self in a better position to improve as a trader. We provide to you what’s necessary to move in the right direction in this market. And your success depends entirely on your approach, willingness to learn, skills and abilities that you possess. On top of the course material we’ll provide updates on the market fundamentally and technically, and we’ll be here to guide you through your journey through these updates. So you’ll essentially have all you need to keep up with the industry and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to  trading opportunities and information.